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Great Success with InterDesign!

March 1, 2012

Recently I made a trip to Honolulu on behalf of InterDesign as well as Bettencourt Group. Focusing on InterDesign in particular, I would like to share some results. Overall, the InterDesign business at this point is mostly structured as a plan-o-gram business with hardware, home improvement, and a container-type retailer (Simply Organized). They do also have a few independent retailers. The store I visited was Executive Chef, a 100% traditional kitchen store. They buy InterDesign very broadly, and categorize the skus according to end use. The buyer writes a $2,500 to $3,000 order just about every 5 weeks! Although they are a kitchen store, they fully show the bath side of InterDesign as well. Big categories for them are sink-related items; drying mats, pumps and bath. This is an account that could easily grow to be $50,000 per year! Believe me, each of us has at least 2, possibly 3 of those accounts in our territories. Who will your next InterDesign customer be?

-Bill Travers

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